Hide Away Safe made from
lexan polycarbonate

known world wide for its

great strength

light weight but
extremely high impact

heat resistance properties

lexan is
virtually indestructible

Hide Away Safe manufactured from lexan polycarbonate

Australian made Hide Away Safe is made from lexan polycarbonate.

Lexan is a General Electric trademarked impact modified polycarbonate known world wide for its

Lexan is a resilient memory material which makes the Hide Away Safe prise proof, assuming a thief finds it in the first place.

lexan is also used to manufacturer

Lexan polycarbonate is so strong its used to manufacture products such as

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why did we choose to manufacture a safe from lexan polycarbonate

The Hide Away Safe was designed as a high security, light weight, anti-theft device.

The selection of material was primarily with consideration for impact resistance and overall strength, we were not concerned about fire.

lexan polycarbonate is virtually indestructible
lexan polycarbonate is virtually indestructible


Nothing is fire proof, it is only fire resistant.

Look at any metal fire safe there will be a label saying

fire proof for 15 minutes at 400c
or something similar

A house fire burns at a few thousand degrees.

We assume you are intelligent enough to understand what we are saying.


Our intention was to make a light weight, virtually indestructible safe with a pick proof and drill proof lock.

that is exactly what we did

Lexan is incredibly light weight, but as tough as steel and virtually indestructible.

The high security, light weight range of safes manufactured by Hide Away Safe Co, the Australian manufacturer, using their own special formulae of lexan polycarbonate.

The Hide Away Safe was originally designed between January 1990 to December 1992 as a home day safe.

what do we mean by a home day safe

Install the day safe somewhere easy and quick to get to but still hidden from sight in your house or apartment so when you come home you place your wallet, watch, jewellery, car keys etc in the day safe instead of placing them on the bed side cabinet or kitchen bench top or similar place you leave them.

takes less than 20 seconds
to secure your valuables in the day safe

safe open showing valuables being secured


This may or may not be of interest to you, from 1996 until today May 20, 2024 the Australian military, police and many government departments use the day safe - Hide Away Safe for their security purposes.


For similar reasons an individual make their decision, being light weight but as tough as steel and virtually indestructible plus including pick and drill proof Abloy PROTEC lock.

special formulae of lexan polycarbonate

The Australian manufacturer, Hide Away Safe Co, use their own special formulae of lexan polycarbonate.

The Australian military had one extra specification compared to police and government departments, the safe had to with stand diesel and petrol being thrown over it and not melt as practically all other polymers do (common term plastic).

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heat resistant for backed up computer data protection

A sudden rise in temperature degrades and / or destroys backed up computer data no matter what it is stored on eg.

As we have said above lexan is light weight but as tough as steel and virtually indestructible. If you are not impressed with those benefits we are sure the following will.

the added bonus of lexan is
it is heat resistant

Once you close the Hide Away Safe lid it does not transfer heat to the inside of the safe.

The Hide Away Safe is the perfect solution to keep your backed up computer data secure and from rising heat in any location.

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fire vs theft

The reason fire only makes up a tiny portion of your insurance premium is, 98% of the population do not live in fire prone areas.

In Australia comparing theft versus fire insurance claims its about 820 theft to one fire claim.

That means there is one fire claim (could be just a minor kitchen stove fire) to every 820 claims of theft.

You now know why fire is not a major concern to insurance companies unless you are one of the 2% of the population who live in a fire prone area.

All other countries have similar insurance claim ratios.

your only concern is
stop thieves stealing your valuables

safe open showing valuables being secured

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monitored heat test

A question we are occasionally asked

is the Hide Away Safe fire proof

To answer that question in 1995 an independent monitored heat test was conducted on a metal safe and the Hide Away Safe.

We wanted to compare the condition of an identical piece of paper in each safe after being placed inside a kiln for 15 minutes at 400c.

this is what happened

A piece of paper was torn in half, one half was put inside a metal safe and the other half was put inside a Hide Away Safe.

Then both safes were placed inside a kiln pre-heated to 400c and left in the kiln for 15 minutes.

the end result being

After 15 minutes both safes were taken out of the kiln. The internal temperature of the metal safe reached 250c, the piece of paper inside started to char (paper will start to ignite around 250c) compared with the Hide Away Safe internal temperature was only 150c and the piece of paper inside was unaffected.

this experiment showed

the physical condition of both safes

the physical condition of the piece of paper inside each safe

the protection of the contents inside a safe is the most crucial factor of safe ownership


Most people who die in house fires die from spending time removing valuables and keepsakes thinking the fire is not serious.

smoke kills

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Hide Away Safe 15 year Australian manufacturer guarantee.

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May 20, 2024

the Australian manufacturer
will guarantee it until

May 20, 2039

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